Financial Loan Packaging & Finance Analysis Services

The professional and detailed service of Church Resource Company is the "Total Loan Process".  The "Total Loan Process" is a multiple step comprehensive process in which our consultants meet with the Church or Business Leadership regarding their organization's financing needs, and gather the required documentation and information.  The finance and processing staff of Church Resource Company then completely analyze the loan request, financial's and other documentation, then package the information to meet the investor's standards. Our financial consultants can also assist you in preparing your financial documents.

The comprehensive loan package is presented to the investor that show the capability to repay the loan and other debt service.  The financial consultant of Church Resource Company negotiates with the investor on behalf of the client.  Our staff continue to work with the client until the loan process is concluded.  Complete the Financial Analysis Form and return it to us with your Income & Expense and Balance Statement for the recent three years and the year to date. A Financial Analysis will be prepared that gives you an estimate of funds you may qualify to borrow for your Church project. 


The staff of Church Resource Company will meet with the Church/Business Leadership to discuss financing needs and gather relevant data.

The staff of Church Resource Company analyze the data to meet investor's standard, prepare the financial package, and present to matching investors.

The financial consultant with Church Resource Company will negotiate with each investor on behalf of the Church/Business Leadership to secure the best rate and terms available.

The financial consultant with Church Resource Company will review the most favorable loan approval with the Church /Business Leadership.

The financial consultant with Church Resource Company will consult with Church/Business Leadership until loan process is concluded or closed.

This comprehensive loan process removes any discomfort for the client associated with searching for funding resources. An Agreement that will detail the nature of the services to be provided and the fee and payment structure will be prepared once the Church/Business Leadership agree on Church Resource Company providing the services.  The fee for the Financial Analysis and Financial Packaging Services vary depending on the services we provide for the client.  The fee will be disclosed uwithin the Letter of Intent from the Investor and is based upon the range of services provided and on a case-by-case basis.  Any request to have special documentation prepared or other services provided for the client may require an additional fee.

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